For inspiration on living a vegan, eco friendly lifestyle, check out my girls blog, she has made a complete lifestyle change (sacrifice). Personally I have not eaten meat (except skinless, breast chicken) since 1997! If only I was as self disciplined as this lovely lady who is truly inspiring! Living a vegan lifestyle is not just about not eating animals, it is about not using products made from animals, not using products tested on animals. A vegan’s way of life is eco sustainable and at the same time reducing carbon footprint, creating awareness of global issues, sustainability and animal rights.

Even if vegan is not your style (because like me, you selfishly love cheese, yoghurt,chicken & strawberry milk too much) she has some great tips for living an eco sustainable,animal friendly lifestyle, from environmentally friendly cleaning products, and cruelty free skin care, to great gardening tips for growing your own organic vegies. It’s a great read and I recommended you check it out.

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