Books VS e Books?


I spend all day staring at a computer screen and again, when I get home to check out my blog or social media. Why would I want to wake up, get on the train and stare at a screen? Leave work and stare at a screen? Lay in bed late at night staring at a screen?

Of course, I do believe that both must have positives and negatives, but for me I love to turn the pages of a good old fashion book. If we recycle paper and plant a tree for every tree that is turned into a book isn’t that sustainable?  I do not believe we have to phase out books and resort to a future of electronic devices. It is possible manufacturing an e reader is doing more harm to the environment than printing a book, not to mention the e books ongoing appetite for electricity.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, let me know if you have a preference. I know schools in the future will replace text books with digital reading devices.


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