I wanted to start 2014 off with a new blog, 16 days later and here I am!

New Year’s are an interesting time for people, we start to think about all that we have done, could have done, should have done and would have done, but didn’t do, for one reason or another.

Everyone follows cliches such as my New Years Resolution is….. or the ……. New Year, New Me!

For me personally a New Year signifies just that, a New Year, a change in the date on the calendar, although I still find myself writing 2013 and at one stage last week writing December! So for me I am off to a slow start acknowledging 2014.

To date I have not made any resolutions, except to win lotto and quit my job (that’s everyone’s dream, not a resolution, right?)

One thing I will share with you though is day break 2014, I always watch the fist sun rise over the New Year, maybe because I have usually hit the town all night and just getting home at day break! This year though I was home by 3am and stayed up the extra two and a half hours to keep my tradition going.

So welcome 2014, I hope this year brings everyone a little bit of  peace, love, and happiness!!!

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