Back to the grind

Now the holiday high is over and I am plunged back into the depths of my reality (cold, lack of sleep and work) When I decided to blog  last week, I find I cannot access wordpress and is down! This is frustrating on so many levels firstly because I wanted to blog about The Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling with sharks, turtles and an array of fish (yes I felt like I was on the set of a real life version of Finding Nemo!)

When I fix the technical issues, I will of course share many of the wonderful photos of my experiences snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef captured on my underwater camera. I also have rave reviews of tour providers, chauffeurs, restaurants, cocktails and accommodation in Port Douglas and have taken to trip advisor in lieu of no access to wordpress but if you are thinking of traveling to the area you can message me.

As you would know from previous blogs I do not have a bucket list, and much rather refer to it as a “Wish List”, I can now say I have crossed of The Great Barrier Reef from my wish list! In fact I loved it so much I plan to return next year and every year!

I also shared some of the highlights on my instagram account, after all a picture tells a thousand words.

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