They’re Dingoes!

Recently I got into a bit of an argument with someone as they claimed the baiting of the “wild dogs” in NSW was the baiting of domesticated “feral” dogs. I asked them if they had ever seen a feral dog? The answer was No but…! and you know why it was no, because they are not wild dogs they are Dingoes.

You know what else we have in NSW, legislation that classifies Dingoes (Canis lupus dingo), and their “hybrids” as wild dogs! and as a result NSW is legally baiting (poisoning) and killing our dingoes.

In Australia we have “Dingo Fences” and these fences are to stop the natural habitat of Dingoes. Recently via satellite imagery it was discovered the ecological impact these fences are having on the natural environment and it was not good.

The ABC reported that there were benefits for ecosystems having dingoes. “There’s better plant growth, smaller animals do better, and dingoes keep fox numbers down,” Professor Letnic said.

From the Save the Dingo website they say :

  • Dingoes are Australia’s ONLY form of real fox and feral cat control
  • Wild bilbies now only exist where pure dingoes exist
  • Increased levels of bio-diversity where dingoes roam
  • Increased numbers of dunnarts, plains rats, hopping mice (all endangered species)

As someone who does not eat lamb or wear itchy wool jumpers (still not a vegan) I find the farming and protection of sheep highly unnecessary. Fetta seems to be imported so what do we need sheep farms for anyway?

Australia is a rare country that has slowly decimated all the natural species that are endemic to this country! The evidence is clear that Dingoes have an important part to play in our ecosystem and the Dingo is undervalued and underappreciated.

I recently saw this photo on a Facebook ad from The Wilderness Society and it begs the question why is everyone so quick to boycott Palm Oil and “Save the Rain forest” but ignore what is happening in our own backyard?

Image from Facebook ad -The Wilderness Society

Why are we so quick to condemn the Dingoes and allow our Government policy to call them feral dogs, bait them and allow millions to be spent on a fence from 1800 when they are an important part of our ecosystem?

All over Australia we can see evidence of the environmental impact that farming is having on our natural environment. I took this image below in Far North QLD and it shows the environmental impact farming is having on the Great Barrier Reef. The decimation of our reef and bush land is a blog in itself.

Image from my nokia camera (pre smart phones)

We have introduced species that have now taken over the natural environment (think rabbits, cane toads, foxes, not to mention those species that are farmed for Agriculture (sheep, cows) and crops such as sugar cane and cotton. Lets not even talk about the 350 mines across Australia! The environmental impact to Australia from unnatural influences and Dingo fences is lets face it catastrophic.

Dingoes are actually listed as vulnerable and it is time that we recognised the important role Dingoes have in this beautiful place we call Australia and change their classification to endangered. Who is going to protect the Dingoes before it is too late?

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