Whale of a time

Oz Whale Watching Tour, October 3, 2013

As promised this is my follow up blog regarding my whale watching experience last week.This tour was everything I expected and more, I would like to thank Oz Whale Watching for an informative and enjoyable day.  Cassie (on board marine biologist) was very knowledgeable about the Whales in Sydney Harbour as well as other sea life and birds.

Sadly the wind and rain was against us in the beginning but as the day progressed the clouds parted and the sun shone down on me, only just!


This tour started off in Darling Harbour, we are thankful to see the tall ships as they passed into Sydney Harbour as part of the “Sydney fleet review “ celebrating 100 years of Australian Navy,  as we made our way out into the harbour, even though it was raining, I stood out on the front deck to take in the tall ships as they passed by. During this time the rest of the people on board ate a freshly cooked BBQ lunch.


As we passed out to the heads of Sydney Harbour we came up against 5 metre swells, for the sea sick tourists this was most unpleasant, thankfully for my partner and I enjoyed the high seas and the took advantage of the fully licensed bar onboard.

After 2 hours of dining, drinking and huge swirls we found a mother and baby humpback whale, BREACHING! This is when they jump out of the water and do flips at one stage the baby was on its side with its flipper in the air and looked like it was waving. I was amazed at how big the mum was (approx 30 metres) our vessel was only 19! The baby was quick too as it breached in and out of the water making photo opportunities hard. We kept a legal and safe distance from the mother and her calf, but closer than I ever imagined we would get. This was a truly memorable moment and thoroughly enjoyed by all, even the seas sick passengers.


This was an amazing birthday present and I didn’t want the day to end, despite 4 hours of big waves and rain. I am going again next season!

Sorry the image are not too clear, these are taken on my Nokia 5 mega pixel camera, but it did the job. For better photos or more information about OzWhaleWatching please http://www.ozwhalewatching.com.au


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