Halal approved Vegemite does not bother me! I like Halal products because they substitute pork gelatine and that is A Okay with me because I do not eat pork. What bothers me is Kraft changing the recipe and the crazy people on facebook who have an issue with Vegemite simply because it is Halal and Kosher approved… do you even read what you eat or jumping on some cray bandwagon???

Here is just some of the brands you probably still buy that surprise , surprise are also Halal approved, Aldi -butter, stock cubes and cheese , Nestle- Allens lollies, Kraft anything condiment, salad dressing, jam, Nescafe coffe all of them!, all Kellogs cereals, coco pops, nutri grain blah blah, Tassal salmon the blue packs, Black Swan dips, Sanitarium soy and other products, Dolmio sauce, Leggos sauce, Cadbury chocolate, Hubba bubba, Extra, PK, Coon and Kraft cheese, Jalana and Vaalia yoghurt, Sirena tuna, Sara Lee cakes, deserts, treats, Weis bars, Four N Twenty pies, saussage rolls, Garlos, Mrs Macs and Vils pies, Lilydale meats, Steggles chicken, Cavos meals, Pacific West meals, So Good milk, Maggi noodles, Musashi protein powders/bars, Ostelin vitamins and cough syrups, Vetta, Sun rice, enjoyo, Minute chef, Fantastic & Sun Rice crackers, Captain crackers, Ritz, Oreo, Chips Ahoy, In a Bisket, Jack Links Jerkeys, LaZuppa soup, even Marmite, im also pretty sure most franchise fast food outlets are also Halal approved, so if you are boycotting Vegemite because it is Halal certified you better start Boycotting everything else or shut the front door!

Me personally, I am just sad that they are changing a 90 year old recipe to appear “healthier” by slightly reducing sodium. At least they will still be selling the original vegemite, If I didn’t have original recipe I don’t know what I would do.


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