“Date Night”

Before you walk away with out reading this hear me out.  I am not one of those smug couples blogs. Honestly I am probably the last person to give anyone relationship advice, I dated someone for 8 years…..and long story short, he broke up with me, 2 weeks later he left the country and within 3 months he was married! Was I mad? Only because he broke up with me!  1 month after we broke up I had already met someone else and he pretty much moved in a week later. I am happy to report 5 years on; the ex is still married to his (imported) bride- I dont think she has a choice! and I am (by choice) still happily living with what many close to me referred to as the “rebound” guy. Moral of that story, life is to short to “slow it down”  and don’t overlook the rebound guy! I am going off track, back to the purpose of the blog ( do these things really have a purpose?)

Date Night: Lots of people find it strange that we have date nights, its not routine and its not pre planned weeks in advance. To be honest I think it is an excuse for me to get dressed up after work and have some cocktails.


Alize, Vodka, Lemon, Pinapple and Apple

Date night is not about sex, or about turning off our phones and “really connecting” or having a “child free night out” because every night is a child free night when you don’t have kids! Like I said before its about making an effort for each other, an excuse not to cook. Date night breaks up the routine. Routine that can breed contempt; why am I always the one doing the cooking? I cooked you can wash up, I’m going to read a book and ignore you half the night routine. Sometimes on date night I take pictures of cocktails, put them on instagram, and practically ignoring the poor guy, but looking totally gorgeous while I doing it.

Sometimes Date night is just going to the shops, grabbing a quick bite to eat in the food court and buying stuff for the house, linen and what not; or even a new game for the PS4. Other times its bowling, laser tag, favorite restaurants or a cocktail bar.What ever “date night” is, it’s time spent together and I think that is what a lot of people forget to do, spend time together enjoying each others company, especially with work and kids thrown in the mix.

Those that play together, stay together.

How true are those words! I think if you consciously make the decision to spend time together it  reminds you why you got together in the beginning.

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