Cooking From Scratch

Yes I cook ‘from scratch’ homemade fresh meals, I try not to use packets, jars, soup cans and pre made meals you put in a microwave (I don’t remember the last time I even turned on the microwave) I have a selection of herbs and spices, that with the right ingredients make delicious meals better than any can, jar, or packet found in a supermarket.

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People think cooking from scratch is very time consuming but its not. The most simple, quick, and easy meals usually only have 4 or 5 ingredients to give it the flavor and take anywhere from 10-20 minutes to cook.

Think coriander, chicken, egg, rice, salsa, guacamole and corn bread  make delicious burritos

  • Curry powder, cream, chicken, rice, tomatoes, and whatever else you like (nuts, coriander) make butter chicken
  • Cheese, milk, flower, pasta and mixed herbs for a creamy alfredo white sauce for pasta and pasta bakes
  • The above is also great for a baked potato dish.
  • Peanut butter, coconut milk, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, even chilli sauce to make satay chicken.
  • Onion, Tomato Paste, Chilli, Tomatoes and Capsicum make yummy homemade salsa
  • Avocado, Chili, lemon juice, Coriander, Onion even Capsicum and Tomato make a great Guacamole
  • Eggs, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Milk, Self raising flower, and maybe even Ricotta, Parsley, Tomato makes a great Frittata
  • Chick pea, Garlic, Cumin , Tahini is all you need for a great fresh Hummus.

Pumpkin soup is also quick and easy to make fresh, I don’t even know why the supermarket is full of all these cans, dips, packet and jar sauces of food when it is simple and easy to make these things  from fresh and or organic ingredients at home.

The trouble with cooking from scratch is making sure you have all the ingredients on hand, last night I ran out of flour and the sauce just wouldn’t thicken until I turned the heat right down. If this was a packet or jar sauce it would have thickened in seconds and that is scary, the amount of chemical and thickeners and synthetic ingredients in our food.

Google recipes of your favorite frozen or packet/jar mixed food and you might be very surprised how quick, easy and possibly cheaper it is to make it your self.

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