Australian Premiere of Magic Mike XXL

Last night I attended the long awaited Australian Premiere of Magic Mike XXL which is no surprise to those who know me, since I have been a long time fan of Channing Tatum from the first time I saw him it was love at first sight, apparently this was also the case for his beautiful (now EX) wife Jena who went onto marry him after co staring in step up.

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Channing has come along way since She’s the Man and Step Up arriving on the red carpet in a three piece suit…Surely I am not the only one who thinks that this is highly inappropriate attire given the movie he is promoting! Also in attendance was the older and almost sexier co star Joe Manganiello, known as “Big Dick Richie” in the movie, as well as the men who made the movie happen- Writer/Producer Reid Carolin and Director Greg Jacobs. Although thousands of woman of all ages kept screaming for Channing and Joe, I would like to give Reid and Greg a big cheer too and say Thank you for giving us a sequel.

First things first, the red carpet and the celebrities (or lack of celebrities) the ONLY person I recognized on the red carpet (besides those sexy movie stars Chan & Joe) was newcomer  Matt Wilson (aka Aaron Brennan) from Neighbours; who also happens to play a gay male entertainer on the Australian soap.

After the never ending parade of poor fashion, and people who I no idea about finally took their seats up next was “Australia’s own Magic Mike Dancers”.

Australian dancers pretending to be the guys from “Magic Mike”

This was disappointing, not because they are bad dancers or unattractive, totally the opposite, however I had secretly hoped when I read “Magic Mike Dance Performance” on the run sheet that this would mean Channing would be dancing on stage, right now, in front of me! Sadly it appears that Channing only dances when he is edited to perfection… sigh!

Finally the moment everyone is waiting for; Channing, Joe, Greg and Reid introduce the movie, the ladies scream and the movie screens. Meanwhile the cast retreat back stage, presumably eating, drinking, smoking cigars, and doing whatever it is movie stars do. At first I spent a good first few minutes of the movie wondering if I should try sneak back there but then Channing’ s character hears Pony on the radio and starts a seductive dance full of sexual innuendo with power tools and I decided I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out of the premier after all.

Anyways….I wont go into details, as I am sure by now everyone who wants to see the movie has seen the movie, and as for my Australian fans who have to wait until Thursday I wouldn’t want give anything else away, except that the character “Mike” used to work in another club, his nickname was “White Chocolate”…. and I much prefer that stage name to “Magic Mike”!

Cast Q&A

After the film the cast, director and producer appeared back on stage for a question and answer. I wont go into too much details, you can watch it here for yourself  LIVE on Periscope but what I will say is that Channing hinted at a live Vegas Magic Mike show (Think Thunder from Downunder) and that he might even be in it, if that happens I am going to need deporting from the US!!! I would be front and centre every show- check back here for a kickstarter page to help fund me should this Vegas show ever eventuate.

Apologies the photos are a bit blurry but you can only do so much in a dark room, with a camera phone, and a cast covered in spotlight; I would also like to mention I am devastated that I didnt get to take a picture of Channing with me, but the crowds camped out overnight, it was just too cold and too stalkerish to stand around and wait for him, although if his people want to contact my people I would gladly venture back out in the cold for a chance to get a hug and get a picture with the man himself!

Anyways ladies and gentleman it was a great night but by the end of it I had a headache from all the screaming that went on before, during and after the movie at the Australian Premiere of Magic Mike XXL  (Qantas Credit Union Arena – formally and always known as The Sydney Entertainment Centre)

If you are lucky selected Hoyts cinemas are doing advanced screenings Wednesday night for Magic Mike XXL and for everyone else get out there on Thursday and watch the movie because lets face it the rest of the world has already seen it and you wont be disappointed, except for the fact you are not in it.


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