New Year New Wardrobe

As you may know I am not all about that “New Year, New Me” stuff, however, I am all about life hacks and doing the less is more kind of approach. If you have not heard of Marie Kondo perhaps you live in a cave, went off the grid and you don’t read books or watch Netflix? And that is fine too, as I am here to give you a rundown on Marie Kondo and how to do YOU in 2020.

Before the Marie Kondo Netflix series, before I was made redundant from my job and said goodbye to my 10 year career in Real Estate I discovered Marie Kondo books.


Now here is my issue with Marie Kondo, it is not a life hack, it is not effortless and despite what she had said it is not a once in a life time thing!

I found that you can’t just do it once and then your done and move on with a clean and clutter free life. This Kon Marie method is something I find myself doing over and over again, to the point where I think I am now addicted to “De cluttering”.

I have gone through ALL my clothes at once (Step 1 in the Marie Kondo master plan) not once, not twice, but three times now and I still don’t think I am finished!

pile of clothes

So today, let me take you through Step one of this book and that is de-cluttering your clothes.

If you really want to follow the Kon Marie method grab all the clothes in your house and put them in one place, however, if the idea of pulling all your clothes out at once is too daunting, it is okay because like I said we are doing YOU! So don’t feel you need to pull them all out at once.

You can start with a draw, that’s right start by taking all the clothes out of just ONE draw and then one by one go through your clothes and decide if they spark joy!

One at a time

I don’t have strict rules for what I should keep, some people say throw out anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, however I wore something to a friend’s wedding that I had not worn for years… sometimes there is an exception to the rule.

If it doesn’t fit, then you should probably throw it out, that way if you ever get back to that size you have an excuse to go shopping and you don’t have it taking up space and making you feel insecure in the meantime.

Now, once you have purged your little heart out it is time to store your clothes. Unless you are a unicorn like Marie Kondo or just super organized and probably a Type A personality, I guarantee you that you will not feel the need to fold all your clothes into little neat parcels.

We are not going to be doing origami folding of our clothes (unless that is your thing) and no we won’t be throwing away all our duplicate Wu Tang t shirts because Marie Kondo is all about “Sparking Joy” so I say keep all 3 Wu tang shirts, or whatever your favorite band is if that is what makes you happy.

Wu Tang

If you don’t want to put your clothes away and leave them on the floor that is okay too, as I said you do YOU!

However, I feel if you have got this far then you are probably not the type who wants to leave their clothes all over the floor, and for you I am going to offer some magical life changing advice… you can put away your clothes however you like, it does not matter what “technique” you use as long as you put them away!

Try one, or all of the following ways to put away your clothes until you find what works for YOU!


This is one of my go to methods, especially if it is out of season clothes you won’t be wearing for a while. Take it from me, it is totally okay to stuff all your clothes in your draw so if that is your style and it works for you then keep doing it!



The next best thing to origami style folding is rolling your clothes, they do take up less space and like the folding method you can easily identify what you have or don’t have in your drawer.



Traditional folding of your clothes (not detailed origami style) but good old fashioned folding, just in half and half again and thrown into a draw folded.


Kon Marie Method….

Now I am not going to lie, I do not have the time or patience for this folding method! The  closest I came was when I folded with T Shirts, but if you do want to try this method, then I suggest you also purchase Spark Joy, this book comes with pictures and diagrams, you can also look more up on YouTube or Netflix for Marie’s folding methods, because I am not the one!

Okay, so there you have it the basics to part one of the Kon Marie method and how you can make it work for you. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do anything in life.

P.S There is so much more to this method than clothes and you too can find out about it from Marie Kondo books, YouTube, Netflix or possibly other future blogs from me.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried the Kon Marie method.

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