My in-flight travel Essentials

Recently I packed for a trip and I reached for my trusty Packing Cubes. I have one in particular that I cannot leave home without, it is smaller than my other ones and contains my in flight travel essentials.

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My in flight travel essentials

If you are planning a trip for the first time or even the 10th time I hope these travel essential ideas can help you plan for your next trip.

It does not matter if my trip is 1 hour or 14 hours these are a couple of things to get you through the flight and handy to have in one place when you land, they fit in the seat pocket and do not take up valuable floor space.


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Inside my mini packing cube

Let’s start with the contents, maybe you would like to add extra things like makeup or  hand cream. I have them in a separate make up bag tucked in my overhead locker or checked in depending on the liquid regulations in each place you visit.

  1. Paracetamol or aspirin – Because you don’t want a migraine to ruin your holiday.
  2. Anti bacterial or alcohol wipes-  Because no one cleans the inflight remote or tray and the last thing you want is to be sick on arrival.
  3. Quick Eze – Drinking alcohol and airplane food often gives me indigestion.
  4.  Power bank- A lot of modern planes have a USB port to charge your phone while you fly so you need a USB cable handy and it is a good idea to have your power bank on hand when you hit the ground and need a recharge on the go.
  5. My own headphones, I hate the idea of how many people have worn the ones handed out by the airline.
  6.  Tissues – You never know when you may need a tissue or toilet paper substitute when there isn’t any available (or if you are in Mexico and you have to buy it from the bathroom attendant and you don’t have change)
  7. Not pictured is a snack and drink bottle (I usually take grapes and a bottle of water)

If I am going on LOOOOONG flight I will also pack my inflatable foot rest and memory foam neck rest. I usually use the airline issued neck pillow as a cushion to sit on. I also never leave home without my light, oversized cardigan I use as a wrap/Pashmina because I find the blankets the airline give out are itchy and uncomfortable.

My favorite part of flying is always the view from above. This was the view of Sydney on a Winter’s morning last week.


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Now you have some ideas, on your next trip sit back and enjoy the view.

Let me know in the comments below your must have in flight/on board travel essentials.


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